Parker’s Sweet Little Cunt

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parker1[1]I love the fact that I get told over and over again how tight my sweet little cunt is. Mike told me this just last night after he pounded me so hard.

My Friend had set me up on a blind date and I was skeptical on if I was even going to go. When Mike showed up at my door I had my bathrobe on over my outfit just in case he was not my type I could tell him I was sick.

I was quite surprised when I opened the door and I saw Mike. He was actually very sexy and I knew I wanted to get to know him better. We left and went out to eat and had a wonderful dinner and I felt I needed to repay him for such a great dinner.  after we were done I asked if he would like to come back to my house for a drink. He said “yes” which made me very happy.

We get back to my house and I tell mike to go sit on the couch. I run upstairs and freshen myself up and come back down and ask him what he would like to drink. He wanted a rum and coke.

So i went over and made his drink and handed it to him. I sat on the couch next to him. when I sat down I made sure my skirt went up to leave little to the imagination. I causally started running my fingers through his hair. He looked a little surprised but was very receptive.

Then he made his move and started kissing me. First the lips and then down my neck. He unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it off. Then he undid my bra strap and let it fall off. his kisses turned into licking and sucking all over my hard nipples.

He laid me back and got on top of me. I felt his hard cock pushing into me through his pants. I reached down and unzipped his pants and let his cock out of it’s cage.

He pushed it harder and harder against me. It turned me on so much to feel him up against me. I reached down and guided his cock between my legs. He pushed it inside me and it was like instant fireworks. his hard knob felt so good.

As he thrust it inside me he told me I had such a tight pussy…just like a virgin. That turned me on so much. I wrapped my legs around his waist and fucked him back so hard. Next thing I know we both exploded and came on each other so hard. I can not believe how quick both of us were. I guess it was that instant chemistry thing going.

We continued to play all night until this morning. I hated to see him shower and go but I have a feeling I will be seeing Mike again and I know my tight pussy is looking forward too it.!


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Family Fun Fantasies with Barely legal Brittany

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Some of my favorite phone fantasies are age play, family fun, and pregnancy roleplays.  MK loves all of the same, so our phone sex sessions are always so naughty and so much fun. I love our talks :)

My Daddy and Mommy taught me how to really please a man, and now we all play together. I love to suck daddy’s cock with mommy and watch him fuck her while I suck on her lactating titties.  Daddy loves to keep mommy pregnant. He loves that he’s married to a MILF and now he has a  little girl who is old enough to get pregnant.

Daddy was saving up his big load for me today though. After he fucked mommy and made her cum all over his big cock, he got on top of me and fucked my tight underage pussy good and hard before unloading every hot drop of cum deep inside me.

Daddy wants me and mommy to be pregnant at the same time. That would be so cool to have daddy’s baby in my belly. I can’t wait to have babies for daddy and I to play with!



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Bailey is the best cock sucker!

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bailey1[1]I love when Allen calls because I get to be the best little cock sucker around. Allen loves to get me on my knees where I belong… looking up at him with my baby blues and opening my mouth begging for that cock.

Allen slides his cock in my mouth and has me suck it like a good little slut while saying naughty things with his big hard cock in my throat. I love telling Allen that I’m a good little slut and begging for his hot cum!  Allen knows that a hot little blonde cock sucker like me belongs on her knees with a hard cock in her throat.  

I suck that cock like a good slut until he is throbbing for me and about to explode, then I open wide “AHHHH” and beg Allen to cum for me. I love when he explodes all over my pretty little face!  MMM I can’t get enough!  

Until next time baby, mwah! 

Kisses and sucks,


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Daddy Daughter Fun with Rebecca

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becky5[1]Daddy called to talk about how his daughter was coming home today and how hot she has become. After a little bit Daddy finally told me all about how he gave his daughter pleasure. I told him how much I would have loved to be her, and how I would still be fucking my daddy if I had the chance to be with him.
She was just 9 years old when Daddy showed her pussy love for her. She put Daddy’s hands down there on her little pussy. As the years went on they “snuggled” every night for years. He told me he finally gave her his cock when she was 12 years old, lucky girl that she was. I had to rub my wet pussy while I listened to him tell me about how much she loved Daddy fucking her little pussy.
Daddy made me so wet, I hope he calls and tells me more stories that I can play with myself to. I really like hearing about the real naughty stuff. The naughtier the better, it makes me wet again just thinking about it. Daddy always knows best when it comes to little wet pussies.
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Mutual Masturbation with Teen Dream Bailey

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I had some hot phone sex with Shane today. He was horny and needed some relief. I had just come in from the gym and gotten undressed and slipped in to a little satin robe and no panties.  I was sitting in my bed when he called.

He had me get naked for him, which I gladly did hehe.  He was naked in his bed as well, with a nice hard cock.  I could picture him sitting at the edge of the bed, cock at attention and watching me.

I spread my legs nice and wide, showing off my pretty teen pussy.  I started to run my fingers up and down my slit, feeling it get moist as my nipples start to harden.  I tell him how to reach down between his legs and start to massage his balls – rub all over them, cup them in his hands, caress them, feel them start to fill with cum.

I open up my pussy lips and show him my sweet pussy hole as I tell him to wrap his hand around his hard cock.  I tell him to stroke it slow for me at first – nice long strokes from the base to the tip.  While he begins to stroke his dick, I slide two fingers deep inside me and start to fuck myself with my fingers.  I tell him to stroke his cock faster.

Shane wants me to find my Gspot, so I bend my fingers upward finding that special spot as he begins to masturbate faster for me.  I grind my hips against my hand, feeling my fingers rub my Gspot.

Shane stroked his cock and I fingered my sweet wet pussy until we both came so hard. It was what we both needed!

Can’t wait to play again baby.



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Becky is a Dirty Little Slut

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becky5[1]I had so much fun with Kev. I was having a lazy day till Kev called to keep me company… He was so hot. the way he told me to play with myself for him. I was more then happy to whatever my Kev wanted.
He told me to scream his name and I did with relish. Told him that I was his dirty little slut. I told him to cover me with his cum. I wanted him to fill me up so bad. I love it when Kev calls… I can’t wait for him to call again.
Phone Sex with Kev was amazing!
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Aspen’s Surprise Threesome

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aspen1[1]Months ago I have this really awesome boyfriend named Jimmy. We would have sex all the time but one night I was feeling off with Jimmy so I decided to go out for my fun. I thought maybe pick someone up and bring them home with me. And that’s when I met these two friends.

They’re just two drunks at first at the bar and then they started cozying up to me buying me a couple of drinks. One of them came so close as to put his hand up my skirt and start to trace the lips of my pussy. I hadn’t worn panties, incase of something like this.

Tom was shocked that there where no panties to get in his way but once he got over his shock he smiled and pushed his finger into my pussy wet and waiting. Rob his friend watched as I took his friend in and got really excited. I whispered into Tom’s ear “We can all have a good time at my place if you want.” Tom and Rob got up and got a cab for us to go to my place. Rob got to finger my wet pussy in the cab as Tom watched this time. The cabby looked like he was enjoying us too.

So instead of paying the cabby the boys let me crawl in front and give him a quick blow job for his troubles. He said it was the best tip he had in years and gave me his cell number incase I ever needed a ride, whether car or cock. I smiled took it and took the boys upstairs to my apartment.

Jimmy was waiting and was upset that I had gone out without him and then surprised I brought up two drunks. Jimmy was easy though. I just pulled off his pants got on my knees and started to lick the tip till he finally said he was sorry for being rude to our guest. Rob and Tom where in the doorway watching the whole time.
“Get in here, close and close the door unless you have more friends for us” The good boys they where did as they where told and closed the door.
“Get those clothes off now.” I demanded and they followed orders quickly. Jimmy, Rob and Tom where soon naked and standing all around me with cocks in hand. I told them each of them got a piece of clothing to take off me. Jimmy took my shirt.

Rob took my skirt and finally Tom took my bra. Then I took Robs cock into my mouth and took hold of Jim and Tom in either hand and started to milk all three of them in time. They all moaned as I handled them. Once I had my mouth filled by one I would rotate and take the next cock until the cum dripped from my mouth.

I then had Rob and Tom take aspen1[1]while Jim watched jerking himself I played with my breasts and moaned as I was being filled going up and down on not just one but two cocks stretching my holes to the breaking point. I screamed as I came all over and they came in me.

Our cum mixing as it dripped from my holes. Then I had Rob sit out while I had Jim take my dirty little mouth and Tom took my asshole. So many hands and grunts it was hard to keep it all straight all I knew was I was full of cock and that was enough. They then took turns with their favorite holes one by one they fucked me in all of them all night long, finally passing out in a pile of naked cum cover bodies, that I cleaned with my tongue the next morning before the boys went there way to work.


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Aspen Loves a Good Ass Fuck

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aspen1[1]I was just remembering one of the times I had anal with my step brother. We where 15 and 17 and had just discovered playing with each other the last week. I hadn’t done anal with him yet and I was dying to try, his cock was so much bigger then my current boyfriend of the time. I knew it was going to hurt but I knew I’d love it. Mommy and Daddy where out so we had the house to ourselves it was perfect time. I made him begging for my ass, then I placed my bare ass in his hands finally and took the plunge or well his cock did the plunging into my ass and it hurt so much like I was being ripped apart.
I screamed so loud that my neighbors could hear. that’s when mom and dad had just come out of their car and they heard and came running in.
Thank goodness they came running too so we heard them.
“Aspen?!” mom yelled
“I’m coming baby!”
“fuck” I whispered, and my brother said “ok sis!” and kept pounding my ass. I moaned into my pillow before getting enough breath to say
“Mom, I’m naked! I thought I saw a snake, but it was just stuffed. I’m fine” then I buried my face back into the pillow to moan because he was just more turned on by our parents coming home and I couldn’t help but get wetter thinking about being caught.
“Ok, you sure honey?”
“I am fine mom.” It was so hot having this conversation with my mom and being fucked by my brother. Finally we heard them go downstairs. My bro kept plowing my ass with me moaning deep into my pillow till I squirted all over and the dirty fuck he filled my ass so full of cum it was dripping, then he had me suck it all off his cock. We didn’t get caught… but the next week I discovered how much bigger Daddy was….
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Brooke is Bi-Sexual

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brooke3[1]I’m a bi-sexual woman who likes to hang out out bars to meet other woman like myself. I arrived at a gay bar at six in the evening last night. I saw this beautiful twenty five year old ordering herself a martini. I don’t like to drink, so I just ordered myself a coke and some nachos.
It was crowded in the bar, so I had to talk loud, if I wanted her to hear me. I found out her name was Linda. That night, Linda was wearing her purple evening dress with black pumps. I wore my blue skirt with a matching top. I wanted to look good for the woman that I was going to take home. I found out that night that she works as a registered nurse. I was thinking that night of how she would look in a nursing uniform.
It would be great for a little roleplay. I had to keep those erotic thoughts to myself though. I didn’t want her to catch on early that I wanted to sleep with her. I knew she was a little tipsy because she kept on slurring her words. I tried to act like I knew she was talking about.
I opened my wallet from my purse to show her my ex girlfriend. I recently broke up with her and still had her in my wallet. I saw Linda’s eyes light up when I saw her look at the first one. In the picture my ex was standing by me in line at the fair.
I flipped over to the next picture and she was topless. I knew that she was getting moist now. It always drives other woman wild when they looks at that picture. 
I have only shown a few woman so far. The bar was about to close, so the bartender asked for last call. I offered Linda another drink, before
the bar closed. I don’t know if she could even handle another drink. I was happy when she declined.
I didn’t want her to be too drunk when I make love to her. My Porche was parked out front with the alarm on. I offered to take her to my place right after the bar closes for the evening.
The drive back to my house was only a ten minute drive. I live in a small condo near the lake. It’s a great view from the upstairs bedroom. I brought
her to my room to show her the view. I could tell by the look on my face, that she was going to be enjoying my company tonight.
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My Naughty Neighbor Fantasy

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sabrina2[1]My naughty neighbor fantasy involves me walking over to my next door neighbor’s house. I have been living next to him for three years but I have never spoken to him once.
I think his wife just recently passed away. I don’t think he has dated anyone since her passing. I walk over to knock on his front door. 
I was thinking of what to say to him. The door opened and he stood there in front of me. I introduced myself to him as Sabrina. I know he has seen me walking my dog around the culdasac in the past. I wanted to ask him for a favor. The favor that I wanted from him was to come over to my house to take a look at my kitchen sink.
My dad says that it has been leaking for two weeks. I don’t think he has enough money for a plumber. My neighbor was happy to help us with our kitchen. I’m pretty sure he had nothing else to do. I did find him to be a polite older man. I don’t see that too often around here. I showed him my kitchen sink so he could repair the damage.
I still had on my school girl uniform at this time. I didn’t have time to change into my regular clothes when I got home from school. As my neighbor was fixing out sink I turned on the tv in the living room.
It didn’t take long for him to fix it. I walked him out but he didn’t want to go home yet.
My parents don’t get home until six. I think I knew what he wanted. I know that he was drooling over my school girl outfit. I walked over to my bedroom while he followed right behind me. I locked my bedroom door in case anyone walked in on us.
The first thing he did was tie my hands to the bedposts. I don’t think he wanted me to try to get away. I like guys that are into this shit. I just know that we are about to have some rough sex.
I hope you are into the same thing as well.
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