Making my daddy cum before bed

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Daddy Bob called tonight because he was a little tipsy and super horny for his little girl.


Daddy snuck up in to my room, crawled in to my bed with me, and snuggled up nice and close. He was behind me holding me close. I could feel his big hard cock pressed up against my tight teen ass. Daddy’s cock was rock hard for his little girl.


I started to press back against him. I wiggled my ass back and forth, teasing daddy’s cock with my ass. He pulled my nightie up and slid my little pink cotton panties down.


Daddy’s big strong hands carressed my ass. I could feel his hard bare cock up against me. He reached down and opened my pussy lips, and without saying a word, he pushed his hard cock inside my sweet tight teen pussy.


Daddy was so hard and his cock was so big inside my tight cunt. Daddy pumped it in and out of me, long deep strokes. He reached around and squeezed my tits through my nightie. It felt good.


Daddy started to fuck me really hard, feeling his balls slap up against me harder. I could feel his dick throb for me. He pushed his cock inside me with one more hard deep thrust and his cock came deep inside my underage pussy. Daddy came inside my pussy.


He leaned over, kissed me goodnight, and left the room. I fell asleep with daddy’s hot cum inside my pussy and a smile on my face, knowing that I pleased my daddy again like a good slut.




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